Monday, August 24, 2009

Vacation 2009!

We had a blast in Arkansas!  Here are some of the 700+ shots I took.  (Yes, you read that correctly)!  Thank God I've made the transition to digital!!

#1:  He was within touching distance---TRULY!  Kevin shook the branch above my head and that eagle became VERY interested in the sound!  I just KNEW he was coming up that branch toward me!!!

#2:  Look closely at his right ear---those are 7 flies!  Crazy, huh???

#3:  He was part of the Wings of Wonder show---he's only 5 years old and was injured---they hope to have him back in the wild within 2 years:

#4:  A red fox during nap time:

#5:  Reflection from Blow Out Mountain in Hot Springs, shot from a MOVING horse!!

#6:   Cedar Falls in Petit Jean State Park (70 miles north of Little Rock)--required a 2 mile hike down to get the shot, then a 2 mile hike up to get back!!!

#7:  The Old Mill in Little Rock

#8:  The beauty of the roads we traveled:
#9:  Shots from the Fordyce Bath House Museum:

#10:  Another from Fordyce

#11:  The bridges at The Old Mill:

#12:  Another view from The Old Mill

#13:  Another mayfly shot:

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